Wheels In Motion For Australian Dealer Council

The Chairs of National Dealer Councils, or their representatives, met on the 20th of November to hear the AADA’s plans for greater motor dealer advocacy.

The meeting, which also included a plan to create the Australian Dealer Council, was well-received and a strategy to use the new Council as a coal face advisory board for the AADA in matters of policy and Dealer issues was covered extensively.

In the AADA’s view, much can be achieved through a cohesive structure, including delivering the necessary feedback from Dealer Councils which affects all franchise constituents. Indeed, the formation of the Australian Dealer Council will give the Dealer Councils a collective voice – something which they have never had before.

‘Many of the issues the Dealer Councils discuss are not limited to the franchise they represent. There are many industry issues that affect all Dealers, and providing a forum where these matters can be discussed is paramount to good and effective policy’ said AADA CEO Patrick Tessier.

At the recent meeting, the AADA also presented its operational budgets as well as its immediate plans for the Association moving into the New Year.

Undoubtedly, 2015 will be a busy time for the Association and Dealer Councils, with a number of important Government decisions on policy due to be reached. Adding to this, the AADA is due to introduce its preferred funding mechanism by April 1, 2015. The details of this were also explained in the meeting, through an in-depth presentation.

Whilst many of the plans discussed in the meeting are still in their infancy, the wheels are now in motion for major developments – particularly regarding the Australian Dealer Council which is hoped to be in full swing by March 15 2015.

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