WHAT’S Realise it or not, every new car Dealer is an ANCAP advocate. A car’s safety is at the forefront of consumers’ minds, so this needs to be at the forefront of the sales conversation.

As part of our work to assist with this and maximise consumer engagement with Dealers on the topic of new car safety, ANCAP debuted its brand new safety ratings search kiosk at the 2016 AADA Convention in Melbourne last month.

The search kiosks provide dealerships with a digital showroom asset that displays the ANCAP safety ratings and crash-test photos and videos for not only the marques sold by that dealership, but also its competitors. This presents an opportunity for Dealers with top safety performers in their model range to leverage a sale through competitive advantage. This becomes even more advantageous with ANCAP’s ‘datestamped’ ratings, which identify models that have achieved top safety ratings under increasingly stringent test criteria.

Terry Keating - AADA Chairman, James Goodwin - ANCAP CEO and David Blackhall - AADA CEO

Terry Keating – AADA Chairman, James Goodwin – ANCAP CEO and David Blackhall – AADA CEO

The kiosks fittingly carry the question, “What’s your ANCAP?” – a hook that engaged AADA Chairman Terry Keating and CEO David Blackall.

Dealership brand exposure has also been considered in the kiosk design, with the logos of both the dealership and vehicle brands to feature prominently.

ANCAP safety ratings search kiosks are just the first element in a dedicated Dealer toolbox that will provide dealerships with targeted content to help secure a sale, and safety will be an unavoidable topic for dealerships that take up the opportunity to have one of their crash-tested marques on display in their showroom.

The ANCAP display car roadshow will start making its way into showrooms soon.

The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) is Australasia’s leading independent vehicle safety advocate. ANCAP provides consumers with transparent information on the level of occupant and pedestrian protection and collision avoidance capabilities provided by different vehicle models in the most common types of serious crashes.


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