The Australian Government has recognised a decline in apprenticeships and has committed to a mentoring program designed to deliver support to Australian apprentices. This program is available to eligible apprentices and provides additional support throughout the first two years of their apprenticeship, with the goal of assisting in retention and completion.

Mentors are employed into the program as automotive industry professionals and can support Australian apprentices through expert advice on career options, pathways and skill development requirements within the automotive industry. They aim to provide specialised technical advice with regards to career, pathway advice relevant to the changing nature of work within the industry and personal areas of interest.

Mentors also give support with technical skills training and referral to other forms of support where the eligible apprentice is facing personal issues that are causing or likely to cause barriers to retention and completion of training.

How will the ISMAA program help me retain my apprentice?

This program aims to identify apprentices who are at risk of discontinuing their apprenticeship so that tailored support can be provided. An Individual Mentoring Plan is created for each apprentice. This contains a time and goal-oriented approach to assisting apprentices address the barriers they may be facing to completing their apprenticeship.

We have specifically tailored this program to improve the retention of apprentices within the automotive industry throughout the first two years of their apprenticeship. This improves the likelihood that each apprentice will complete their apprenticeship in a manner that complements their in-training support.

Our apprentices are constantly facing challenges. This program provides a measured approach to advice on career pathways, motivation, confidence, technical skill development, workplace support, how to ask for support from family/partner/friends, periods of personal or financial difficulty and workplace issues.

An industry in decline, but change is coming

Apprenticeships Are Us is a Not for Profit Organisation and registered Group Training Organisation specialising in the automotive industry. For over a decade we have operated in the industry for the industry. We are committed to seeing this industry flourish and applaud the Australian Government’s efforts to provide Industry Specialist Mentoring for Australian apprentices in the automotive industry.


Michael Wentworth
Chief Executive Officer at Apprenticeships Are Us

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