A feature of the annual AADA National Dealer Convention is the Expo, and with this year’s online “AADA 2020 Moving Forward” we will present a comprehensive “Virtual Expo” of vendors’ products and services in an engaging expo hub.

The AADA Virtual Expo hub will house a library of downloadable information and content for meaningful dealership interaction, allowing delegates to explore and investigate the latest technology, techniques, products and services to help their business move forward into the future. Exhibitors will be able to track participation and potential prospects through our virtual expo software solution.

Registration for Virtual Expo is completely complimentary for “AADA 2020 Moving Forward” Dealer personnel delegates.

Sponsors and expo participants will enjoy unique opportunities in terms of brand association, showcasing of products and services, webinar scheduling and premium advertising packages in this dynamic, cost-effective industry event.

The “AADA 2020 Moving Forward” Virtual Expo will feature the latest in technology, services and products that every new car Dealer needs to maximise the valuable new profit opportunities presented by a challenging and shifting market.

Today’s automotive Dealers rely on third-party solutions and partner providers to add business profitability. The AADA Virtual Expo is a one-stop-shop exposing Dealer leadership to the wide range of solutions on offer.

The AADA Virtual Expo will see participation from many major international companies showcasing offerings from around the globe, providing delegates with the opportunity to learn about the latest products and services designed to help drive their dealerships forward.

An investment in the AADA Virtual Expo will provide participating companies with a platform in Australia’s largest gathering of automotive leadership in 2020.

The “AADA 2020 Moving Forward” virtual event will attract leadership from all dealership departments.

The AADA Virtual Expo will provide an online platform to showcase product and service offerings in a friendly, inviting, business environment. Exhibitors will be able to build their own expo offering inside an advanced multi-channel program, using display and communication tools, including webinar and appointment-setting tools.

This is a limited opportunity for product and service providers to book expo space in the AADA Virtual Expo and present their products and services to Australian franchised new car Dealers.

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