A new dynamic charging technology being developed by Honda could provide electric vehicles (EVs) with unlimited range.

‘Dynamic charging’, which is the ability to both supply power and charge the battery while driving, is a potential game-changer for EVs. Honda says it has already developed a system ready for testing and planned to demonstrate it at WCX 17 SAE World Congress Experience in early April.

According to Honda, the system has a charging power of 180 kW while driving at a speed of 155 km/h.

The main obstacle to the concept becoming reality is cost. The infrastructure needed to support the system will be expensive because it requires charging hardware to be built into or on top of the road – basically a track to wirelessly charge EVs that drive over it.

The initial application might best be suited to highways to allow EVs to cover longer distances and spend greater time on the road.

It’s a long way off, but the technology has great potential.

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