In recognition of the AADA National Dealer Convention’s long and colourful history, we’re going back in time…

This year the AADA National Dealer Convention celebrates 17 years of educating, entertaining and motivating auto dealers and allied industry representatives from across the country.

Always an outstanding forum for sharing ideas, networking and learning about new products ahead of market – the AADA National Dealer Convention offers delegates the ideal opportunity to boost sales and improve operations. Most years, over 500 guests attend the three day event and many have not missed a single Convention.
So chances are if you’re reading this, you’ll remember more than some of these special moments:

2002 – Former Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon. Gough Whitlam
In his typical engaging and witty style, this colossus of Australian politics entertained the audience with his remarkable knowledge of Australian political events as well as former and current leaders.

2003 – Ian Leslie
This was the first year that the esteemed Australian Journalist Ian Leslie hosted the AADA National Dealer Convention, a role which he continues to fulfill 12 years later. Leslie’s unmatched professionalism and integrity has made him a key member of the Convention proceedings.

2006 – Former Prime Minister of Australia, Paul Keating
When it came to insulting his parliamentary opponents Paul Keating was in a class of his own. Who could forget his caustic and often amusing one liners such as when he likened Treasurer Peter Costello to an iceberg with a structural defect, not to mention his enlightening and witty speech at the 2006 Convention.

2007 – Greg Roebuck
We were privileged to have Greg Roebuck, CEO of carsales.com.au share his 22-plus years of experience in automotive sales as well as managing the growth of Australia’s number one online automotive site.

2007 – Sam Kekovich
It was an absolute thrill to invite sports legend and media personality Sam Kekovich to the 2007 Convention. The breakfast host of the third morning, Kekovich had the crowd in stitches with his outspoken style of humour and sharp insights.

2008 – Daryl Braithwaite
In 2008 delegates were treated to a night to remember with entertainment by renowned Australian musician Daryl Braithwaite. The talent behind big hits such as All I do and The Horses, this was a special night in
Convention history.

2009 – Kevin Sheedy
Delegates flocked to the first day of 2009’s luncheon to meet AFL legend Kevin Sheedy who shared his experience in leadership, decision making and rising to the top.

2010 – Shane Jacobson
Who could forget Shane Jacobson’s hilarious breakfast as he described how he and his brother created the movie ‘Kenny’ – a comedy about a plumber who specialises in poo that was the highest grossing Australian film
of 2006.

2011 – Mark Bouris
One day Mark Bouris was on top of the financial world as the founder and CEO of Wizard Home Loans, the next day the GFC hit. His story of how he came back from the crash inspired and motivated everyone who heard his keynote that year.

2011 – The Hon. Lindsay Tanner
The Former Federal Minister of Finance made for an intelligent and insightful addition to the 2011 Convention.

2012 – Profitable Products
A huge event and a first in Convention history, Profitable Products was introduced to delegates with incredible results. In this captivating session, eight new products and solutions were presented to Dealers, all designed to increase sales and blitz the competition.

2012 – Laurie Lawrence
Fresh from the London Olympics, we were all ears (and occasionally tears) as the former Australian swimming coach and Kids Alive ambassador, Laurie Lawrence gave us his account of the winners and losers of the Australian Olympic team.

2012 – The Hon. Dr John Hewson
The key takeaway from the former Federal Opposition Leader, businessman and academic, Dr. John Hewson was that in the 40 years of analysing and forecasting economies, the current situation was the most difficult to predict.

2013 – Benjamin Roberts-Smith
Roberts-Smith, Australian soldier and Victoria Cross recipient is a strong willed and honourable man. He took us back to the battle fields of Afghanistan and taught us the meaning of true courage.

2013 – Ita Buttrose
The Australian icon who needs no introduction, in 2013 Ita Buttrose shared snippets from her remarkable career in media, publishing and philanthropy.

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