The UK’s number one automotive sales trainer, Simon Bowkett, is the headline name featuring in AADA’s Team Sales Event at the AADA 2019 National Dealer Convention & Expo.

Simon returns for his third AADA Convention, having previously spoken at the 2009 and 2014 events.

In 2000, Simon founded Symco Training based on his belief that sales trainers were either unwilling or unable to show sales staff how to implement the solutions they proposed. Simon believes in delivering not only inspiring and insightful training but in demonstrating those skills and techniques with real customers.

In dealerships around the world the focus applied by many sales executives is to try and sell a deal. Simon will tell you how to get your teams to focus on selling themselves, the product, and then supporting this with the deal.

The skills – good and bad – your new salespeople learn in the first 90 days on the job last with them for the rest of their careers. Who is teaching them those important skills that are either making or costing you sales?

Who is Simon Bowkett?

Having moved from sales into sales management, and following a period of successful senior management, Simon moved into training.

He saw in the market a gap for trainers who could bring ‘the real world’ into training, and in 2000 formed Symco Training to build a team of trainers and consultants who could bring practical experience and proven success to their training methods. “There’s no place for customer-shy trainers in Symco”, he says.

Simon believes the key to successful management is organisation and motivation of yourself and others. His study of theories of human behaviour on top of his own life experience has well equipped him to analyse what makes successful management and, crucially, how to implement this and inspire others.

This is a golden opportunity for your sales staff to learn first-hand from one of the leading sales trainers in the world. The perspective and experience of someone who has risen to the top in one of the world’s toughest markets can only benefit your people and send them home armed with the knowledge and confidence to go to the next level in their careers.

AADA is thrilled to have secured someone of Simon Bowkett’s calibre, and we look forward to this event with keen anticipation.

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