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The MTA Institute of Technology (MIT) is part of MTA Queensland, the peak industry body representing the automotive industry.

Experienced innovators in automotive training, MIT offers a range of services which help employers better equip staff with up-to-date automotive knowledge, skills and safety compliance training.

MIT enrolls approximately 2000 automotive students every year across Queensland and has grown to become one of the largest providers of automotive vocational training in the state.

Working closely with MTAQ members, MIT uncovers the latest industry trends and techniques and incorporates this new found knowledge into their training programs. It is of great importance to MIT that their training programs constantly evolve with the industry, so that apprentices are always equipped with the latest technology practices.

MIT’s long history in automotive training has made the group a popular choice with young apprentices and employers alike, here are a few reasons why.

No Extra Costs

MIT students are able to train at a world-class facility, using state-of-the-art tools and equipment, with highly-experienced trainers at no extra cost. Because automotive is a priority industry, the cost of training is covered by Government subsidies, which also apply for travel and accommodation.

Flexible training model

Whilst institutional training is a great way to learn, it often keeps apprentices out of the workplace. On the other hand, on-site training is convenient, but can be less comprehensive. MIT’s solution has been to take the best bits out of each approach to create a flexible training model, ensuring students get the best possible experience, while minimising employer inconvenience. MIT students train in blocks of two weeks at the Sir Jack Brabham Automotive Centre of Excellence near Springwood.

Alternatively, training can also be completed on-site in workshops so that trainees keep working while they learn.

Dealer Control

MIT’s trainers work closely with dealerships to develop a tailored training plan before the student picks up their tools. MIT will even ask how the dealership would like the training delivered and incorporate any special requirements requested.

Real World Experience

MIT’s trainers are recruited from the industry, rather than the classroom, and so are equipped with real world experience. MIT employs more than 30 trainers based around Queensland, including the Gold Coast, Cairns, Toowoomba and Mt Isa, with a combined 450 years of post-trade qualification experience.

Real World Conditions

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of MIT is their training facility, which has been designed to simulate a typical service and repair workshop. All included equipment is selected based on best training practice and the entire facility is aligned with industry leading companies such as PPG, Dupont and 3M.

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