To train or not to train: that is the question facing not just car Dealers but business owners of all types. On the one hand, if you train your staff they might leave; on the other, if you don’t train them they might stay.

While most Dealerships will put most of their staff through some sort of training, AADA believes they can and should do more. A well-trained employee is an asset to the business: more capable, more confident; appreciative of the show of faith, and better able to represent the Dealership to the public.

What are the benefits of skills training?

  • Business Performance: Training staff can improve your business’ profitability and reputation. By improving your workforce’s skills to meet the needs of both your business and your customers, you project professionalism and efficiency. Better-trained staff are more productive, which is great for your bottom line.
  • Customer Service: Dealers are in the customer service business. Better staff skills mean greater customer satisfaction, which means more return business.
  • Workplace Safety: All Dealers should know how big an issue this is these days.
  • Staff Morale: Investing in training for your staff tells them you value them. In return they are more likely to show you loyalty and increase staff retention.
  • Staff Motivation: Endowing your workers with new skills improves their confidence, shows them you believe in them and keeps them fresh and motivated by allowing them to move into other areas of the operation and earn promotions/pay rises.

Who provides the best skills training?

  • NADA University is the retail automotive industry’s most comprehensive online source for training and education. Growing out of the largest automotive Dealer association in the world, it offers hundreds of courses covering all Dealership departments.
  • Deloitte Motor Industry Services is a great friend of AADA and is one of the leading trainers of automotive staff in Australia.
  • E-Auto Training is the brainchild of David Martin, one of the best sales trainers in the automotive world. A regular guest speaker at AADA National Dealer Conventions, Mr Martin has developed an online training program that allows users to work at their own pace in their area of speciality.

Whoever you go with, AADA believes it is imperative you invest in training for your staff. It pays off for you, your business, your staff and your customers.

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