Thought Leadership Panel: Retail Auto > The Road Ahead

The upcoming 2023 AADA Convention & Expo, scheduled to take place at the ICC Sydney on June 14-15, promises to be even more exciting than previous years. The Feature Panel, which has been aptly named ‘Retail Auto > The Road Ahead’ will be one of the highlights of the event. The panel is set to bring together some of the most renowned professionals and industry leaders who will share their expertise, insights, and experience in the retail auto industry. This engaging and informative event is a must-attend, whether you’re a Dealer, Manufacturer, supplier, or enthusiast. Save the date and be a part of this exciting experience.

The retail automotive industry has undergone significant changes over the past few decades, and it’s no surprise that speculation surrounds what the future holds. With the arrival of new car brands, the growth of low and zero-emission vehicles, the emergence of subscription models, changes to vehicle distribution, and big data, the industry is set to change. The next decade will see new and innovative business models, technological advancements, and changes in consumer behaviour, all shaping the future of the industry. One thing is for certain, the industry won’t remain the same for long, and businesses must be prepared to adapt to the changing landscape to stay competitive.

Australia’s new car dealerships play a significant role in the automotive industry, engaging with millions of customers every year. In addition to providing new cars, they complete millions of car services and recall repairs, and facilitate over 300,000 finance contracts that enable customers to purchase their dream vehicles. These dealerships employ just under 60,000 Australians, and their contributions to the national economy exceed $13 billion. They serve as the foundation of the entire automotive ecosystem, indirectly contributing to the creation of thousands of more jobs in the industry.

The upcoming 2023 AADA Convention & Expo will delve into the future of the retail auto industry, with a focus on how new car dealerships will drive innovation and reshape consumer interaction. This panel has been carefully curated to bring together leading experts from all areas of the retail automotive business, ranging from Manufacturers to dealerships and associated industries.

To facilitate a meaningful discussion on the future of the automotive industry, AADA CEO James Voortman will act as moderator for a panel consisting of some of the industry’s most prominent figures. These industry leaders include Toyota Australia CEO & President Matt Callachor, Cameron McIntyre, the CEO & Managing Director of, Australia’s premier auto marketplace, 2023 NADA Chairman Geoffrey Pohanka, Cox Australia CEO Stephen Lester, and leading Australian Dealer group Servco CEO Nick Pappas.

The panel members have a diverse range of expertise across various sectors of the Australian retail automotive industry, coupled with an international perspective, making it an impactful group. In this regard, their insights will drive a thought-provoking discussion around the future direction of the industry as it continues to navigate The Road Ahead.

“The Convention and Expo is the key event on the calendar of an industry in which its car dealerships engage with millions of automotive customers, complete millions of car services, repairs and recall jobs, and facilitate over 300,000 finance contracts for vehicle purchases.,” said James Voortman, AADA CEO.

“The industry segment directly employs 59,000 Australians and contributes $13 billion to the national economy.

“New car dealerships are the foundation of the automotive ecosystem and the 2023 AADA Convention & Expo will explore what the road ahead looks like for retail auto and especially look at how new car dealerships will lead the way in innovation and consumer interaction.

“The arrival of new car brands, the growth of low and zero-emission vehicles, the emergence of subscription models, big data, and changes to vehicle distribution are some of the trends driving change in our industry,” Mr Voortman said.