Evan Stents, Partner - HWL Ebsworth Lawyers

The Top 5 Legal Threats Facing Franchise Automotive Dealers Today

It’s a thought that can strike fear into the heart of even the most ethical car dealer – legal strife.

But luckily Evan Stents, a partner from HWL Ebsworth Lawyers was on hand on Monday night to break down the top legal threats faced by franchise automotive dealers, and what they can do when these issues arise.

Having acted on the behalf of dealers, OEMs, component producers, service and aftermarket providers, Stents was able to take complex legal terms and break them down so that everyone could understand.

Dealers learnt that termination of a dealership agreement, non-renewal of a dealership, product liability claims, non-genuine/counterfeit parts and termination of employment claims are the main legal issues to be wary of.

However his overriding message was to never panic! Keep calm, know your rights and if necessary, call a lawyer.

We would like to thank Evan for making an appearance at the convention and helping to put the minds of franchise dealers at ease.

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