The 2015 Convention kicks off with a keynote address by one of the biggest names in the world automotive industry, in a must-attend session exclusive to Dealers

Over the years the AADA National Dealer Convention has brought out to Australia some of the world’s biggest automotive dealership names, and there is none bigger than Robert H. Kurnick Jr., head of the second-largest dealer group in the world.

President of the Penske Automotive Group, Mr Kurnick headlines Day 1 of the 2015 Convention, delivering the keynote address at the exclusive Dealer Symposium. Beginning at 9am, the symposium is a Dealer-only event designed to set the tone for the convention, and focus delegates’ attention on the major issues facing our industry.

President of Penske since 2008, Mr Kurnick has spent two decades in the industry. As the head of a company that employs more than 22,000 people worldwide, he is uniquely placed to provide a leader’s perspective on the current state of the international automotive industry.

A Fortune 500 and Russell 2000 company, Penske Automotive Group operates 326 retail franchises representing more than 40 brands across the USA, the UK and Western Europe. The company reported $US4.5 billion in revenue in the April quarter, up 11.4%. It has a market cap of $US4.72 billion on the New York Stock Exchange, and is valued at $US8.79 billion.

Mr Kurnick has been with the company for 20 years, serving in various positions as well as sitting on the board of directors for the Penske Corporation and the Penske Automotive Group. He is also part of the executive committee for each of those boards. He has a wealth of knowledge on the challenges and opportunities facing the automotive industry today and into the future.

Mr Kurnick will give an expert’s opinion on issues such as the changing manufacturing landscape and the ramifications for Dealers, employing Generations Y and Z, business strategies and more.

In a treat for V8 Supercar fans, Mr Kurnick will also talk about DJR Team Penske, the powerful new alliance in the sport. A force in US racing, Penske has merged with Dick Johnson Racing and is represented in the 2015 season by two-time champion Marcus Ambrose, himself returning from nine years racing in the US.

At the end of his keynote address, delegates are invited to engage Mr Kurnick in a Q & A, so make sure you don’t miss the chance to probe one of the great business minds in our industry.

AADA Dealer Symposium, 9:00am – 11:45am, Tuesday 11 August 2015,

Plenary 3 Theatre.
Keynote Address: Robert H Kurnick Jr., Penske Automotive Group President.

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