The Australian Motor Dealer Council (AMDC) is born.

In an historic meeting at the Brisbane headquarters of the AADA attended by the Chairpersons of the National Dealer Councils it was unanimously agreed to form the Australian Motor Dealer Council (AMDC).

The formation of the AMDC is aimed at developing a policy and advocacy framework that will address the real issues faced by dealers. The aim is that the AMDC will meet at least three times annually and advise the AADA board on policy and dealer related matters. The AMDC will be chaired by former Mazda Managing Director Doug Dickson who also attended the Brisbane meeting. The meeting was addressed by FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber who commended the AADA on their advocacy and the direction that the recently invigorated association has been undertaking. Mr. Doug Dickson addressed the meeting and outlined the importance of a national voice for automobile dealer given the size of the economic engine that motor dealers drive in the australian economy.

More to follow.

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