Take Your Tools Everywhere

It’s a watch…it’s a bracelet… no wait, it’s the Tread, from Leatherman!

leatherman2If you’re a guy who just loves to tinker, this all new offering from Leatherman is going to blow your socks off.

Deceptively stylish, plenty of guys might wear it purely because it looks cool, but the Tread has plenty of surprises that you’ll be able to keep up your sleeve.

In fact, the Tread has 25 tools seamlessly incorporated into its design that you can keep around your wrist for quick action.

There’s a cutting hook, bottle opener, tank wrench, hex drives, Phillips-head screwdrivers and even a SIM card tool that you can use to open the SIM slot on your iPhone. Impressively, the stainless steel bracelet is safe to take on planes, unlike many other Leatherman products which are usually at the very pointy end of sharp.

With a 25 year guarantee, Leatherman obviously feels pretty confident about the Tread’s quality and longevity too.

Though it’s not yet available, the Tread will cost between $US150 and $US200,or between $US500 and $US600 for the watch version when it’s released.

To find out more or how you can be amongst the first to get your hands on the Tread, head to the Leatherman website.

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