SUV Sales Continue to Soar

Australians are still very much in love with the SUV, with an extra 13.4% new vehicles driving out of dealerships in August.

As Australia’s consumer preference grows for versatile vehicles that are suitable for work, home and lifestyle needs, the sale of SUVs has been on the up over the past few years. July was the fourth consecutive record month of sales, with SUVs accounting for 35% of the total new car market.

The boost in sales was almost nationwide, with NSW and Tasmania being the most popular with a 6.1% and 11% increase respectively.

After releasing the July 2015 new car sales figures (VFACTS), FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber noted how Australia’s preferences have changed significantly over the past decade.

“Ten years ago, passenger cars represented over 60 per cent of new car sales.

Now, light commercial vehicles and SUVs represent over 50 per cent of the new car market and passenger cars represent only 45 per cent,” Mr Weber said.

“With car affordability at record levels, private buyers purchased 6.2 per cent more new vehicles in July 2015, than in July 2014. In particular, they purchased 22.2 per cent more SUVs and 8.8 per cent more light commercial vehicles. Private purchases of passenger vehicles decreased 5.1 per cent.”

Toyota proved as popular as ever, once again the best-selling brand with 18.2 per cent of the market.  Mazda was second with 10.1 per cent, followed by Hyundai with 9.2 per cent, Holden with 8.6 per cent and Ford with 6.2 per cent.

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