Summer is here and the warmer weather presents Dealers with opportunities. Did you know that when potential buyers feel comfortably warm, they tend to be more interested and want to buy products they see?

Studies show that when temperatures are warm and pleasant, customers have a better perception of products in which they are interested in buying. According to researchers, ‘exposure to physical warmth activates the concept of emotional warmth’.

Temperatures influence consumer behaviour. One study compared participants’ purchasing habits across a range of warm and cold temperatures – cold, normal, warm. Those in the warm group were willing to pay more than the other two groups for nine of the 11 products to which they were exposed.

According to the results, the optimal temperature for increased consumer purchasing is 25 degrees Celsius. Try setting your dealership’s air conditioner to 25 this summer and measure for yourself if temperature impacts car buyers’ behaviour. If it does, it might be worth keeping that temperature all year round.

Other summer opportunities

Summer means holidays. We all remember our childhood summers of piling into the car and Dad driving off down the coast for a week or two. Now, as Dealers, it represents the chance to promote service specials, sell new tyres, encourage customers to service their car’s air conditioner, sell headrest monitors (keep the kids quiet), window tinting, roof racks – the list goes on.

Summer means parents always have the kids around. That can be a hassle for them, so why not help them out? Offer free icy poles with every service.

Parents ferrying their kids around to junior sports like cricket make good targets to upgrade to an SUV.

Think strategically

Summer is the time students are leaving high school. This represents a great chance to get your hands on emerging young talent. Not all students will go to university, and even those who do won’t begin for another two to three months. So why not offer an internship or two? Offering a summer job is a low-cost way to expose the next generation to your business and hopefully find the next generation of your staff

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