Having followed the likes of Tesla into establishing a presence in shopping centres, Subaru is now offering test drives at three such locations.

The new Impreza is available for test drive at Subaru pop-up stores at Highpoint in Victoria, Castle Towers in NSW and Galleria in Western Australia.

Subaru Australia introduced the unique pop-up stores in shopping centres at the end of 2015 as part of its new Subaru ‘do’ program to increase access to Subaru and enrich customers’ experience.
Subaru Australia’s Managing Director, Colin Christie, said the company was encouraged by the success of the pop-up stores.

“Driven by the positive customer response and number of sales – more than 500 vehicles sold since its introduction – we are committed to offering this new kind of Subaru buying experience in other markets,” he said.

Mr Christie said the aim is to have the general public test drive the car immediately after seeing the mini-dealerships in shopping centres. Customers can book a test drive instantly and buy onsite if they like what they see.

“These pop-up stores will drive a new audience into our showrooms,” he said.
“The stores demonstrate an excellent opportunity to put Impreza in the heart of where customers spend their time.”

The strategy is designed to eliminate the intimidation factor associated with dealership showrooms, and with projected monthly floor traffic of over 3.6 million at large shopping centres, it’s something we can expect to see more of.

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