An element of ANCAP’s communication strategy is to provide assistance to dealerships to incorporate safety as part of the sales conversation.

ANCAP has partnered with AADA to offer members the opportunity to display a ‘star’ performer on showroom floors.

The display is managed by ANCAP and can be shared across dealerships on a rotational basis. ANCAP supports this by having one of its staff visit the dealership at the time the car is delivered/set-up, to ensure sales staff are fully briefed on details of the specific test car and the ANCAP test process as a whole.

The display vehicle can be dual-branded to carry the logos of both ANCAP and the vehicle. Accompanying marketing materials can be tri-branded to also include the logo of the respective dealership.

The Minister for Infrastructure and Transport launched the initiative last October, and in recent months franchised new car Dealers have taken up the opportunity of displaying a crashed vehicle in their showrooms. The most recent display was a Mazda CX-5 installed at Garry and Warren Smith Mazda in Mulgrave.

ANCAP Chief Executive, James Goodwin, said ANCAP is working with Dealers to display tested cars in dealerships to highlight to potential buyers the importance of safety aspects.

“We are stepping up our engagement with Dealers, working a range of vehicle brands, Dealer groups and the Australian Automotive Dealer Association, to incorporate safety as part of the sales conversation,” he said.

“This is a new initiative for ANCAP, targeting consumers directly at the point-of-sale. Dealers are crucial advocates for ANCAP and the safer vehicles message, and providing our crash-tested vehicle wrecks for display in the showroom allows Dealers to discuss safety with their customers from the point of initial contact.

“Having customers able to see, touch and even sit in a vehicle that’s been crash-tested – complete with deployed airbags and dummy injury transfer paint on the dash and steering column – is a unique experience, and showcasing a crashed version alongside a pristine and brand new version of the same model provides the customer with a tangible insight into the safety offered by that vehicle.”

Mr Goodwin said allowing crash-tested models onto the showroom floor presents an opportunity that Dealers and brands can leverage to their advantage. Not only does it act as a drawcard to attract buyers, it presents to the Dealer a competitive advantage because they can point out the safety benefits of their model over that of a competitor to secure a sale.

“Our consumer polling shows that of those who received safety information from Dealers or vehicle brands prior to purchase, that information played a direct role in the purchasing decision of 88 percent,” he said.

“We provide Dealer Principals and their sales staff with a full briefing on the vehicle that is entering their showroom – from the way in which that individual vehicle was selected for testing to the injury scores recorded for each key body region.

“This is an innovative way to attract and hook buyers, where safety should be at the core of all purchasing decisions.”

ANCAP have the following vehicles available for members:

  • Mazda CX-5 (four different vehicles)
  • Kia Stinger
  • Suzuki Swift
  • LDV D90
  • Hyundai Elantra
  • Ford Transit

If you would like to take up this opportunity please contact ANCAP’s Director of Communications & Advocacy, Rhianne Robson at Rhianne.Robson@ancap.com.au or 02 6232 0206. Please note, availability of cars and locations may vary.

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