The AADA Expo is a highlight of the AADA National Dealer Convention, and this year’s sold-out Expo shapes as the best yet.

AADA is excited to welcome, for the first time, new exhibitors including Cirrus Aircraft, American Express, Leads247 and SpinCar, among more than 80 exhibitors.
What’s an aircraft manufacturer doing at a retail automotive convention? You’ll have to visit their stand at the Expo to find out!

American Express is, of course, one of the world’s leading credit providers, while Leads247 and SpinCar are two new tools to help Dealers attract and communicate with customers.

Leads247 provides effective after-hours engagement, meaning customers can access information at any time about any of the cars on your lot.

Why do Dealers have a million dollars’ worth of cars sitting on their apron every day? Because that display presents an opportunity – it attracts potential buyers – yet 65% of the time there is no-one physically at the dealership to talk to someone who might be walking past at 7pm on a weeknight or on a Saturday afternoon and see a car they like. With Leads247 all they have to do is SMS the vehicle licence plate number and they receive the current price and all the specs. The Dealer gets the added bonus of now having that prospective customer’s contact details to follow up on. It effectively gets your inventory working for you even when the dealership is closed.

In this day and age, when consumers often prefer to go online with their research, this is a valuable new tool. Visit the Leads247 stand and talk to their knowledgeable staff about how they can help you connect with prospective customers at any time.

SpinCar is a brilliant retail automotive marketing photography innovation. SpinCar’s Mobile Capture App has proven to be two-to-three times more efficient than a traditional photo process, ensures greater consistency of photos and enables higher inventory coverage.

Within 15 minutes of use the app uploads onto the websites of car Dealers up to 200 photos, a live video with human voiceover and a seamless SpinCar 360° WalkAround.
An integral component of any AADA National Dealer Convention, the AADA Expo showcases new products and services designed to improve Dealers’ bottom lines.

AADA prides itself on delivering an Expo every year that gives Dealers access to the latest and greatest products and services designed to provide them with the cutting edge.

It’s a one-stop-shop you can stroll through at your leisure, either for a short break between sessions or for a few hours to fully immerse yourself and upload a wealth of new knowledge and ideas.

Whether it is after-market product and services, insurance, finance, marketing, digital marketing, lubricants, software, customer retention, or any other aspect of dealership operations, our friendly exhibitors are ready, willing and able to help you find solutions for every department.

The Trade Expo Village is always a popular destination for delegates to gather and connect with friends and colleagues between sessions, while learning about new business tools.

The Expo is designed for ease of navigation, with an open layout making it a breeze to walk amongst the various exhibitor stands and check out the cornucopia of ground-breaking products and services on display.

There are always a few treats to eat, interesting people to talk to, important innovations to hear of and a car racing game for the kid in all of us to play!

The Expo Village plays host to some of the Convention’s key events, including the AADA Pentana Solutions Expo Luncheon and the Fuchs Networking Events, which this year will be on both Tuesday and Wednesday nights for the first time ever.

The AADA Expo will be open throughout the duration of the convention program. Make sure you set aside time to explore the vast array of innovative products, services and new technologies AADA has put together.

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