Service Management Structures that Increase Returns

We’re all familiar with the saying “the best customer is the one you already have”, and understand that customer retention is one of the key pillars of profitability. But with consumers these days having so much choice, understanding the importance of customer retention and actually achieving it can be two different things.

After having visited and worked on over 3,500 service drives, Jeff Cowan has developed a very simple process that will not only get you above 80% customer retention within twelve months but will also maximise your sales and deliver the highest survey scores possible.

Jeff is the author of two books: “Write Service and Write Your Own Paycheck: The Path to Making Over $100,000 a Year in the Automotive Business” and “What I Have Learned From Attending Over 35 Indy 500’s – Lessons in Sales, Motivation, Leadership, Management, and Life in General”, with two more: “The Forgotten Rules of Professional Salesmanship”, and “The Service Advisors Bible for Closing More Sales” in the pipeline.

Jeff has had hundreds of articles published in various industry magazines and was host of an automotive service show on CBT News. He currently hosts a podcast called “Write Service, Write Your Own Paycheck” that is listened to and watched by over 25,000 people weekly.

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