As a sales manager, your job is always full on. Being pulled this way and that, advertising, reports, managing stock, meeting customers, hiring new staff members, etc.

When I was managing car dealerships a few years ago, I remember going home some days wondering what on earth I actually accomplished. I was busy, but was I productive?

There are so many things you can do and have to do as a sales manager, but what if you could only do ONE THING today, what would you choose?

From my 15 + years in sales, there is only ONE THING that matters as a sales manager: ROLE PLAY.

Role playing is the most important thing you can do with your team every day to ensure they are ready for every situation.

Selling is all about the words we use and the way we use those words. Therefore if we aren’t practicing the RIGHT words, the chances are the WRONG words are being used by your sales team every day – and you don’t even know about it.

The reality is, these WRONG word tracks, phrases and questions are costing you sales every week.
So why don’t we role play?

There are two problems with role playing.

Firstly, most sales people hate role playing because they don’t want to look silly in front of their peers or boss. Most sales people aren’t used to it either, as it’s not something they have to do that often. Additionally, experienced sales people think role playing is something that only trainees should do, as they don’t need it anymore.

The second problem is that most managers don’t know how to effectively run a role playing training session that is fun, non-humiliating and useful to their team. Many managers honestly don’t know the right word tracks themselves – and it’s hard to teach what you don’t know.

So what are the areas you should role play with your team?

You need to role play your entire sales process as well as follow up scripts and prospecting templates.

The biggest areas however are to focus on the following:

  • The questions you ask the customer.
  • Using emotional connection in your presentation.
  • Asking for the sale.
  • Overcoming objections.

How often should I be role playing?

I’m a firm believer that you should only practice on the days you want to win. In other words, you need to be role playing with your team every single sales day!

It doesn’t need to take long, but it must sharpen each member of your team for the day ahead. Additionally, like learning a new language, if you don’t repeat the right word tracks continually at least 30 times, you won’t remember them when you’re in your next presentation.

If you have team members who are underperforming, if you’re struggling to get to target each month, the key ingredient you must integrate into your sales team this year is ROLE PLAY!

The reality is no-one is a born sales person! Rather, selling is learnt phrases, questions, techniques and listening skills that can be taught and then role played to be perfected to get better results.

To help you start your journey to role playing with your team I want to give you something. It’s a FREE 30-day Role Playing Planner that will give you ideas of what to role play each day to keep it fresh, engaging and effective.

Additionally, contact me today about how I can come to your business and set up a personalised role playing plan that includes the right word tracks and techniques.

Download your free planner by visiting

Great selling!


Dave Benson  
CEO/Sales Expert,
Train Retail Sell System

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