In August last year the Queensland Government approved Terms of Reference for a review of Queensland’s retail trading hours. The review was conducted by an independent reference group chaired by Mr John Mickel, former Speaker of the Queensland Legislative Assembly. The group considered 179 submissions from businesses, consumers, workers and other community representatives.

The Fair Work Commission has concluded a review of weekend penalty rates in the retail and fast food industries, as Queensland considers adopting Sunday trading.

The review report makes 13 recommendations for trading hours’ reform. The State Government has responded to the recommendations and will broaden and simplify Queensland’s allowable trading hours while protecting retail workers.

While the trading hours review did not include the Motor Vehicle Award, the retail motor industry could possibly be affected in the short- to medium-term future, so this is something for Dealers to be aware of. Dealers in Queensland are opposed to Sunday trading primarily because of the costs involved and the reluctance of staff to work on Sundays.

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