The record number of new vehicle sales in April comes at a time when the motor industry is facing a threat to jobs and growth from proposed new parallel import legislation that would allow vehicles to be imported without the protection of a warranty.

Chief Executive of the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, Tony Weber, said the continued sales growth in the industry was indicative of the fierce price-competitiveness of the Australian new car market, and that this vigorous tax and employment-generating segment of the economy was facing significant uncertainty under the proposed Government legislation.

“By the Government’s own modelling, at least 30,000 sales could be lost out of our market, consumer protection diminished, and jobs exported overseas when this new legislation is introduced,” Mr Weber said.

“The April record provides further evidence that the industry is price-competitive, offering great value to buyers, delivering jobs and investment, and is in no need of change.

“We are just a handful of months into 2016 and already the market is on target for another record. And yet the Government wants to put this investment, these jobs, this tax revenue, at risk. It makes no sense.”

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