Panel Session: Achieving Growth Through an Omni Channel Buying and Financing Experience

As auto financing within dealerships continue to evolve, finding ways to successfully engage and retain customers has become more important than ever. To help you stay ahead of the curve, AADA has brought together a panel of top professionals in the field who have proven their expertise in customer engagement optimisation.

Joining us will be Alex Farrugia, Corporate Acquisitions & Relationships Manager at Angle Auto Finance, Anna Perera-Shaw from RFI Global, distinguished industry figure James Nipperess from Sime Darby, Evange Epa from Angle Auto Finance, and respected market strategist Toby Simmons. By sharing their diverse range of experience and knowledge, these panelists will reveal their invaluable insights on how to optimise customer engagement in auto financing. As customers continue to shift away from traditional in-person experiences and demand more personalized, efficient, and convenient online shopping experiences, dealerships need to adapt and leverage the latest digital technologies in order to stay connected with their customers.

The panel will explore the modern methods of leveraging these technologies to streamline processes, reduce paperwork, and create an ideal customer experience which is fully aligned with the ever-evolving retail environment.

By attending this panel, you will have the opportunity to hear from four leading experts within the auto financing industry and gain invaluable insights into the pros and cons of an omnichannel buying and financing experience. You will learn what it takes for dealerships to continue to grow and build successful relationships with buyers through an omnichannel finance experience. Don’t miss out on this fascinating discussion!