Online Car Buying is Coming

A new CEO, a new focus, and significant commitment from some of the best people in the retail automotive industry… It’s fantastic to see positive action in the creation of a new, reinvigorated AADA.

We have a very relevant saying at Ltd: ‘the best time to plant a tree was ten years ago, the second best time is today’. We’d like to take this opportunity to extend our congratulations to those involved in making the ‘new’ AADA happen.

From a timing perspective, there is significant change upon us and only more to come. The ‘Internet of everything’ is already here. It presents in the form of smart meters which report and manage our home and office energy usage and, closer to our own businesses, ‘connected cars’ that proactively communicate their status in real time to both their owners and their dealership service teams.

Consumers now take as a given the ability to buy anything and everything online, whether it be by desktop; their laptop; their tablet or their smart phone. The retail auto industry is not immune from this evolution and we’re already seeing a number of brands in Australia offer online transactions for consumers wanting to make an online purchase. Dealers have a key role to play in this channel and early adopters will ensure they are protecting the most important aspect of all our businesses: — the customer!

From Ltd to all AADA members and affiliates, thank you for your support. We’re looking forward to a wonderful 2014 helping you sell more cars!

Author: Greg Roebuck

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