MTAA Super Celebrates 25 Year Milestone

This year MTAA Super, the industry-superannuation fund for the motor trades and allied industries, celebrates 25 years of operation.

Like any major Fund, MTAA Super has experienced its ups and downs, but overall , it celebrates 25 years in an excellent position, with over 265,000 members, more than $7.5 billion in funds under management and a strong investor in Australian infrastructure

According to CEO Leeanne Turner, MTAA Super’s growth and success can be attributed largely to two major factors. The first is ‘an ethos of innovation in responding to members’ needs’ and the second is the fund’s ‘strong and instinctive alignment to the automotive industry.’

It’s the automotive industry in fact that’s helped MTAA Super develop into the national powerhouse it is today. The Fund grew out of the automotive industry and retains a very close partnership with it.

Since the Fund was established in 1989, it’s seen the impacts of globalisation, rapid technology advances, changing skill requirements and shifting consumer behaviours continually re-shape the auto industry. Unlike 25 years ago, there are now over 50 different automotive professions and many face skills shortages. In response to this, MTAA Super launched its Pathways program in the 2013/14 financial year. The unique program helps to celebrate and educate the broader public about the diverse career paths available in the auto industry.

Other initiatives, such as its sponsorship of the V8 Supercar series, and the Apprentice of the Year Awards have also helped MTAA Super stay connected with the auto industry and encourage the next generation to pursue the wealth of opportunities it provides.

MTAA Super is also behind awareness programs such as its flagship ‘readthesigns’ initiative with Lifefline Australia which helps combat mental illness and suicide –in the auto industry. ‘It is critical that we strongly support and promote our industry as it undergoes major changes, both the difficult changes that have come with the winding down of car manufacturing in Australia, as well as the positive opportunities that exist in an industry that is being transformed by technology and innovation,’ said Ms Turner.

Looking ahead, the future seems bright for MTAA Super which plans to continue innovating in its sector and provide members with positive outcomes, as Ms Turner points out:

‘There is a wealth of opportunity to further connect superannuation savings and investment in infrastructure and to make some huge inroads in addressing our infrastructure backlog.’
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