Motorcycle Summit Inspired by AADA

For the first time in history, motorcycle dealers from around Australia will join the AADA National Dealer Convention and host a summit on the future of their industry.

Motorcycle dealers from around Australia are taking the future of their industry into their own hands, with a groundswell of Dealers expected to join the AADA at the 2014 Convention.

Concerned about ongoing uncertainty around issues such as consumer safety, franchising agreements and competition laws; over 950 motorcycle dealership owners and managers from across the nation will be encouraged to attend the July event, where a summit on the future of the industry will be held.

Labelled the Australian Motorcycle Dealer’s Summit, motorcycle delegates are being given the opportunity to voice their opinion on pressing industry issues and help shape the development of a strategic plan for the future of motorcycle trading.

Encouraged by the AADA’s reinvigorated attitude, motorcycle dealers are calling on their colleagues and counterparts to contribute to the discussions which will take place during two half day sessions.

Amongst the important subjects being addressed will be national advocacy and government representation, franchise arrangements, the changing retail landscape, future market trends, opportunities, threats and profitability.

The inclusion of motorcycle dealers at the 2014 Convention opens up exceptional opportunities for car dealers as well.

Members from both industries will enjoy unprecedented networking, along with the chance to share in the Convention’s rich line-up of expert speakers, workshops and resources.
An industry with over 950 businesses and more than 5,000 employees, Australia’s retail motorcycle industry deserves to be taken seriously.

Inspired by the recent changes at AADA and a desire for better direction and continued success, the Australian Motorcycle Dealer’s Summit demonstrates that motorcycle dealers are taking their $4 billion industry very seriously indeed.

We look forward to meeting them on July 10 at this year’s AADA National Dealer Convention.

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