Motor Vehicle Service and Repair Information Sharing Scheme update

AADA along with other industry stakeholders, including the FCAI, AAAA, AAA and the MTAA are currently reviewing a draft constitution of the Motor Vehicle Service and Repair Information Sharing Scheme, which will govern the operation and structure of the scheme.

The new entity will be known as the Australian Automotive Service and Repair Authority (AASRA) and the Government has committed $250k to the new organisation to help it become established.

All founding organisations will, have board positions and be responsible for running AASRA as a sustainable organisation.

A technical advisory committee has been established comprising representatives of the information providers, Manufacturers and aftermarket repairers. Work is now underway on establishing the organisation that will be responsible for running the scheme.

Important work around the development of the scheme rules, which will govern access to safety and security information, is still being developed and when finalised will provide information providers with guidance on the classification of information made available to repairers. Stakeholders are well aware of the risks and understand it is critical that the scheme does not create opportunities for criminal activity and the rules ensure that only legitimate businesses and individuals have access to this type of information.

The scheme is intended to largely mirror an existing scheme operating in the US, run by the National Automotive Taskforce (NASTF). The Australian scheme will be tailored to the Australian context and comply with Australian laws however the NASTF model serves as a useful reference. The five associations have also now met with the ACCC to discuss the status and ongoing role that AASRA will be playing in successfully managing the scheme. The ACCC have been given responsibility for oversight of the scheme and ensuring that compliance obligations are met. The ACCC have appointed a team to take on this responsibility and will continuing working with us and Treasury on the implementation and ongoing operation, which is their primary responsibility.

On 24 March 2021, legislation for the service and repair information sharing scheme was introduced into Parliament and the scheme is scheduled to come into effect from 1 July 2022.

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