Motoinsight, a leading provider of digital retailing solutions for the automotive industry, has continued its international growth, partnering with Genesis Motors to expand into the Australian market.

Motoinsight now serves automakers in the US, Canada and Australia with its technology, which enables customers to conduct most of their vehicle purchase process online.

The Genesis brand launched in Australia in late June, with a customer experience enabled by Motoinsight’s MotoCommerce digital retailing platform. This followed the success of the Genesis at Home purchase experience launched in Canada in late 2016 using MotoCommerce. Genesis at Home was a global industry first that enabled customers to complete the purchase process entirely online.

“Creating a unique customer experience that holds true in a global context was a key priority in the launch of our Genesis brand for the Australian market,” said Linda Fabis, National Marketing Manager for Genesis Motors Australia.

“Having witnessed the success of Genesis at Home in Canada, it followed that we would offer that same transparency and convenience to our Australian customers.”

The MotoCommerce platform is a full omni-channel solution that integrates both online and in-store sales processes into a unified customer journey that allows most of the purchase to be carried out at home, but also enables customers to seamlessly pick up and finish their purchase in-store if they so choose.

“Customer experience is the new battleground when it comes to winning customers, and automotive retail is no different,” said Andrew Tai, CEO at Motoinsight.

“MotoCommerce has proven to be the leading solution for automakers and dealerships that believe they win by delivering transparency and convenience to customers. We’re proud to share Genesis Motors Australia’s vision in this regard.”

Genesis Motors Australia opened its Sydney retail boutique in June, featuring full omni-channel retailing capabilities.

Motoinsight solutions are used by nearly every automaker, over 1,000 dealership franchises and the largest lenders and insurance companies in North America. Motoinsight also operates a portfolio of owned and partnered automotive research and shopping websites, which includes experiences for brands like Consumer Reports, Globe Drive,, Black Book, Unhaggle and others. The company serves customers in the US, Canada and Australia.

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