Make 2015 ‘Your Year’

Sharpen your skills and empower your business – a NADA University short course can help open the doors you’ve been knocking on.

There’s been plenty of interest in the newly-launched NADA University courses and it’s little wonder why.
Designed by NADA and administered in Australia through the MTA Institute of Technology (MTAIT), the three NADA University courses offer the most advanced and comprehensive training packages available to the retail auto industry in the country.

But Why Should You Do Them?

Whilst some business development principles never change, keeping up with shifting trends and technologies is essential to business success in the future. As AADA Chairman Ian Field puts it, it’s simply not enough to rely on traditional business knowledge alone.

‘Australia’s new car dealers need to be aware of all the emerging strategies to increase productivity and bottom line in today’s contemporary marketplace’, he said.

‘Dealers who do not have their finger on the pulse when it comes to training and development risk being left behind by more proactive competitors.’

Modern and proven skills based training in service and sales operations is what’s on offer, and the courses equip trainees with an exciting array of new possibilities.

‘There’s no one who will leave this course without applying something to their own dealership. If you take the courses, you will get better’ says Jim Phillips, Director of Custom Education Delivery at NADA Dealer Academy.

The courses, Service Department Operations Management; Sales Operation Management I and Sales Operation Management II – have been specially tailored to the Australian market.

‘We talk about receivables, collecting money, financial statements, sales, gross, expense, forecasting, staffing, pay plans, and then, at the end, we take everything we have taught and apply the potential remedies to a case study,’ Mr Phillips said.

Invest in Personal Development

As a Dealer, investing in your own personal development is one of the wisest decisions you can make. When you invest in your personal development through additional learning and acquiring of new skills you’re taking greater ownership and responsibility for your success.

Just look at what Richard Branson, arguably one of the most successful businessmen of all time has to say on the topic:

‘There is always something new to learn. The day you stop learning is the day you stop living. We should all pick up new skills, ideas, viewpoints and ways of working every day.’

Opportunities like NADA University will help you challenge some of the practices you’re accustomed to in managing your dealership and will push you to go further.

Invest in Staff Development

As a dealership owner, developing your own skills is just the beginning. Investing in the skills of your staff also comes with a range of advantages, from inspiring better performance, to increasing productivity and loyalty.

The NADA University courses are ideal not only for Dealer Principals, but management staff entrusted with the role of leading the business to better sales and greater efficiency. Ensuring these staff are equipped with up-to-date skills and training is an obvious investment.

To continue on with the Branson theme, here’s another spot of wisdom from one of the pioneers of staff development:
‘Whether you have 30 employees or 300, creating a culture of opportunity at your business will make a huge difference for your staff… Once you have created this culture of opportunity, your people will see that there is scope for them to move up within the company. They will then be more likely to strive to master their current positions so that they can be considered for promotion and further development.

Couldn’t have said it better, Branson.

Find Out More

There is nowhere else in Australia where Dealers can improve their skills and knowledge (as well as those of staff) in dealership management than through AADA’s NADA University courses.

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