Locked and Loaded – The 2015 AADA National Dealer Convention Is Set To Impress.

Stirring presentations, star attractions, incredible entertainment and a remarkable new setup – will this year’s Convention be the best ever?

Excitement is building in preparation for the opening of the 2015 AADA National Dealer Convention.

The Convention is the most essential networking opportunity of the year for Dealers all across the country and this year’s event is shaping up to be the most dynamic yet.

For the first time, it will take place at Melbourne’s Convention and Exhibition Centre over three captivating days between August 10 and 12. This includes a Convention ‘pre-day’ (Monday Aug 10) which will be dedicated exclusively to Dealers and Dealer activity.
Convention delegates have come to expect inspired presenters, invaluable workshops, star attractions, glittering entertainment and a fantastic atmosphere at the Convention – and this year will be no exception.

With that being said, this year’s event also brings a host of significant changes.

One of the most highly anticipated changes is the all-new AADA Pentana Solutions Trade Expo Village.

No expense has been spared in making the Trade Expo the ultimate networking destination. A long-time favourite, fresh air has been breathed into the Trade Expo set-up to create a ‘Village’ atmosphere, including a central meeting hub where you can dive into conversation with delegates from Australia and overseas.

The Trade Expo, which will kick off with a luncheon and ribbon cutting ceremony, will be a constant source of buzz this year, with plenty of activities, presentations (and perhaps even a few surprises) planned over the two days it’s open.

The Trade Expo will also showcase a new digital set-up at each of our exhibitor booths. For the first time, Convention goers will be able to exchange contact information via a new scanning system – it’s better for the environment and means there’s no risk of losing a business card or flier as it’s all stored electronically.

The Convention Dealer Symposium

The Convention program begins with the AADA Dealer Symposium – a thought-provoking session that’s exclusive to Dealers.

Penske Automotive Group President, Robert H. Kurnick Jr. will open the Symposium with a stirring keynote address.

A Fortune 500 company with over 20,000 employees, Penske Automotive represents over 40 brands and more than 320 franchises. Delegates will learn first-hand about this monumental business and some of the strategies it will put in place to stay relevant and profitable in a constantly changing market.

Also of high importance to Dealers, the Symposium will host the results of the National Dealer Attitude Survey.

Presented by Mark Ward and Randall Bryson of BDO, the online survey results will uncover vital insights surrounding Dealer-manufacturer relations, marketing trends, profitability forecasts and more. It’s a must-attend session for all automotive Dealers and senior staff members.

Speaking of big reveals, we’ll also hear from Dale McCauley, Partner at Deloitte Motor Industry Services who will present National Benchmarks for Dealership Operations and Critical Indicators Through 2017.

This revealing session will explore how the dealership business will change once local manufacturing of cars ends in Australia as well as how different brands are currently performing compared with the national standard.

Independent Chairman of the recently formed Australian Motor Dealer Council (AMDC), Doug Dickson, will close the Symposium with a highly anticipated address. The collaborative relationship between the AADA and AMDC is set to strengthen over the next 12 months and will play a vital role in the representation and protection of the retail auto industry.

General Session

Following the Dealer-only Symposium, the 2015 Convention will officially open to all.
It’s with much excitement that AADA welcomes The Hon. Lily D’Ambrosio MP as our special opening keynote speaker.

The Victorian Minister for Industry, D’Ambrosio’s inclusion at this year’s Convention could not be more timely or relevant. As vehicle manufacturing comes to an end in Australia, many questions are being asked about the implications for the people who make up the auto workforce – particularly in Victoria where the bulk of operations are based.
In her address, D’Ambrosio will talk about how the future of the auto industry will look as well as what strategies are being devised in order to secure employment.

The general session will also feature Jared Hamilton who will present The Best Of NADA – Exceptional Experiences That Win Digital Buyers. Put simply, any retailer, automotive or otherwise will benefit from the goldmine of knowledge that Hamilton can offer.

Closing the general session will be a dynamic panel of industry heavyweights who will address The Future of the Auto Industry.

Facilitated by former 60 Minutes journalist Ian Leslie, the panel will include Robert H. Kurnick Jr. (President of Penske Automotive Group), Peter Welch (President of the National Automobile Dealers Association), Bronte Howson (Managing Director, Automotive Holdings Group) & Martin Ward (AP Eagers CEO).

Attending the Convention

Between the enticing line-up of speakers and exciting changes to format, venue and layout, a huge attendance is expected at this year’s Convention.

Dealers big and small recognise the Convention as a truly worthwhile investment that allows them to network with counterparts from all over Australia, witness the latest and greatest in automotive innovations and improve the success their business.
If you haven’t registered your attendance, there’s still time to sign up yourself and your staff.

Visit aadaconvention.com.au or call (03) 9576 9944.


Ready, set, GO – motivation is on the way

Once again, delegates can expect to emerge from the Convention empowered and enthused with expert knowledge and insights from a range of phenomenal speakers.

A significant portion of the Convention has been designed to address the most pressing issues facing dealerships in the coming years.

Special presentations and interactive workshops offer delegates a one-off chance to gain critical learnings on the future of the auto industry, digital marketing and sales, closing techniques and the top legal threats facing Dealers.

Here’s a taste of what to expect…



You’ve Never Had Selling Explained To You Like This

George Dans

‘The World’s GREATEST Closer’

The World’s Best Closer, George Dans, takes centre stage with two electrifying presentations at the AADA National Dealer Convention this year.

Prepare to be fired up, reinvigorated, confident and ready to sell as the larger- than-life Dans demonstrates how to close more sales, more often.

First, Dans will reveal the true impacts of failing to close – not only do your profits suffer, you also start to lose confidence in your ability as a salesperson. Not to mention a loss of repeat business, referrals and brand awareness.

Then, he’ll equip you with the skills you need to put the fire back into your sales game. Learn how to build value, persevere through rejection, communicate with conviction and become the salesperson you want to be.

Leading by example in a sales team is a given. But unless you’re able to build a winning team of high performers, your dealership is competing with a handicap.

George Dans will demonstrate how to curate a champion team by creating a compelling vision, recruiting with a game plan and learning how to motivate different personalities.

George has an inspiring hands-on approach to sales training backed by 20 years of experience in helping Dealerships improve their operations in sales, gross and team performance.

He has passed on his proven methods on a factory level to Toyota, Honda, Daimler Chrysler and Kia with incredible results.

Delegates have the opportunity to get inside the mind of a sales genius, gaining invaluable tips to arm their dealership with powerful closing ability and sales skills that can be filtered throughout all levels of operation.

Sales Managers in particular can’t afford to miss out on this powerful presentation
– it’s sure to help your dealership and sales team go to the next level.



Outstanding Operations

12 Foolproof Ways to Increase Service, Sales and Customer Retention

david-martinDavid Martin

President, Mar-kee Consulting Group

There’s a goldmine waiting to be uncovered in every service department and it all starts at the counter, according to sales and fixed operations specialist, David Martin.

In three dynamic hours, Convention delegates will be inspired and educated by an authority on dealership fixed operations as well as an AADA National Dealer Convention favourite. David Martin has spoken at six AADA Conventions already and has been rated #1 speaker for five of those years.

On top of that, David has presented at nine NADA Conventions in the US and has facilitated cutting-edge sales training to thousands of service advisors around the world. As President and co-founder of training and consulting firm, Mar-Kee Group – David brings over 38 years of automotive sales, training and management experience.

This year, David’s session will take place on the Convention pre-day Monday (August 10) at 7:00pm and will run concurrently with George Dans’ sales presentation.



decrespignyMotivation & Inspiration

Professionalism Under Pressure

Captain Richard de Crespigny

Captain of Qantas Flight 32

It’s every pilot’s worst nightmare – a mid-air engine explosion that puts a Qantas A380 Airbus full of 440 terrified passengers in dire risk.

Captain Richard de Crespigny experienced such a nightmare and lived to tell the tale.
As did every one of his passengers on that fateful summer day in 2010.

Keeping cool in a crisis is one thing. But problem solving under life-threatening pressure with hundreds of lives at risk? That’s a whole new ball game.

Captain Richard de Crespigny’s story is a remarkable one. That he was able to safely land the heavily damaged airbus and help keep the passengers on board calm during the terrifying ordeal is true testament to his professionalism under pressure, preparation and clear thinking.

At this year’s Convention, you’ll relive every twist, turn and triumph as he takes you on a hair-raising journey you won’t soon forget.

After such a life-changing event, Richard is certainly more qualified than most to talk about teamwork, problem solving, judgement, calmness and putting years of highly-skilled training into practice when needed most.

Years after overcoming what would have been one of the most catastrophic aircraft accidents in Australian aviation history,

Richard has gone on to become one of the world’s leading corporate speakers, sharing his story with diverse audiences from all around the globe.

Richard is an outstanding speaker, engaging and inspirational, and will change the way you approach crises in your own life.


jaredhamiltonDigital And Emerging Technologies

Exceptional Experiences That Win Digital Buyers

Jared Hamilton

Founder and CEO of Driving Sales

The million-dollar question – what influences buyers?

More specifically, what makes them choose one dealership over another? What makes or breaks the sale? And how can you create a better customer experience?

Each one of these questions can be debated forever and a day by salespeople huddled around the dealership water cooler. But the only way to find real answers is to go straight to the source – the customers themselves.

Jared Hamilton, award-winning entrepreneur and founder/CEO of Driving Sales (an online sphere for Dealers looking to share and discuss thoughts and ideas), took the direct approach, conducting a year-long study of thousands of car shoppers.

The results are guaranteed to change the way your entire Dealership operates.

A self-confessed tech head, Jared speaks to audiences around the globe about social technologies, operating businesses in the digital world and the future of web technology.

The results of his comprehensive survey will arm you with the knowledge you need to:

  • Determine from the customers’ perspective what experiences help or hinder decisions to buy
  • Implement pivotal interactions that influence various types of buyers
  • Optimise your sales team, showroom and processes to create a memorable shopping experience
  • Identify the specific dos and dont’s of connecting with future customers

With such an illustrious career in the automotive and I.T industries and a powerful on stage presence, Jared’s words will stay with you long after his session ends.


evanstentsEssential Operations & Compliance

The Top Five Legal Threats Facing Automotive Dealers

Evan Stents

Leading Automotive Industry Lawyer

All dealerships have to be prepared for the considerable and genuine legal threats that face their business every day.

Dealerships have an immense responsibility. Not only to serve customers with honesty and transparency, but also to operate within proper protocols.

Too few dealerships only begin to understand what defines proper protocol once issues arise, not before. And when the sledgehammer of authority comes down, it does so with a thud.

Evan Stents is a partner of HWL Ebsworth (a leading commercial law firm) and the National Head of Litigation for the firm.  He is also the Lead Partner of the firm’s Automotive Industry Group. He’s acted for a wide range of motor dealers, OEMs, component producers, automotive service providers, after market providers and a number of automotive industry group associations (including AADA and VACC) in addition to being a regular contributor to trade journals and guest speaker at trade forums.

When companies like Australia Post, Hungry Jack’s, LG, ANZ and the Commonwealth Bank need representation, Evan has taken the call.

Simply put, no voice holds more weight than Evan’s when it comes to discussions about law, especially in the automotive industry.

His special presentation, The Top 5 Legal Threats Facing Automotive Dealers, is absolutely essential in educating Dealers about managing disputes with manufacturers and customers, avoiding work place disputes and understanding their regulatory and contractual obligations.

Failure to properly address disputes with manufacturers can result in losing your dealership investment and customer or workplace disputes can be costly and result in reputational harm.  With so much on the line behind many every day decisions, it’s absolutely essential to be aware of your legal rights and responsibilities.

Evan has witnessed first-hand the severe consequences for dealerships that fail to properly manage disputes and stay on top of the changing regulatory environment.

In his dynamic address, he will explore the techniques for engaging with manufacturers in disputes and achieving commercial outcomes that avoid costly legal battles.

You’ll come away from the session informed and confident about how to better protect your dealership from legal threats.

So do your business a favour and be at this essential session.

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