John Howard’s Keynote to Wrap-up AADA Convention

What a difference 12 years can make to the Australian automotive landscape.

In 2002 Australia’s emergence as a car exporter was seen as one of the Howard Government’s manufacturing success stories.

We built large cars and exported one-third of them to the United States, the Middle East and other markets.

Likewise, Australia’s component makers were winning and exporting their products internationally.

The Australian automotive and component industry was on a roll thanks to strong government support under the Automotive Competitiveness and Investment Scheme (ACIS), the devaluation of the dollar and the determination of the car companies to continue their manufacturing operations.

The plan was to increase government spending on the industry until 2015, cutting tariffs from 2010 and abolishing the ACIS scheme at the end of 2015.
So did Howard have a vision for the car industry beyond 2015? That’s one of the questions I’m sure everyone will want to know the answer to.

After 11 years in office our national debt was almost zero, what advice did he give the current PM to reduce debt?
And by the end of his prime ministership there was one person left in a detention centre in Nauru, so what’s gone wrong…and what strategies would he adopt to ‘stop the boats’ if he were still in office today?

These and many other stimulating topics will be covered by John Howard, Australia’s second longest serving Prime Minister in his closing keynote at this year’s AADA National Dealer Convention to be held at the RACV Royal Pines Resort, 10 July – 12 July.

The AADA Convention is Australia’s biggest auto dealer event bringing you inspiring speakers and some of the world’s sharpest minds who will share ideas, crystal ball gaze and spotlight the latest industry trends over three exciting days on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Don’t miss this ‘must attend’ event for anyone in the automotive industry.

Charles Bayer

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