Innovation and technology focus of convention

The retail automotive industry faces significant change in the coming years as technology advances at an ever-increasing rate. Innovation continues to alter the landscape in which we operate, and Dealers must not only be aware of new developments but actively engaged with both technological progress and the consumer desires that drive it.

For the 2017 AADA National Dealer Convention and Expo we have chosen the theme ‘Advancing Innovation, Technology and Engagement’ because we see these as pillars of our industry, both right now and into the future.
Car manufacturers are innovating technology, driving the development of electrical and autonomous vehicles. Ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft are changing the way people relate to and use motor vehicles. Governments are trying to keep pace with it all.

And then there are the car Dealers. They are the ones who must engage on all sides: with manufacturers experimenting with new technology; with customers to ensure we are helping them get what they want from this brave new world and with governments so they are abreast of planning and legislative developments likely to impact their business models.

The next decade is likely to see more change in the retail automotive industry than in any before. It is an exciting time to be involved in our industry, but also a challenging one. The aim of the 2017 AADA National Dealer Convention and Expo is to inform and equip our members to best cope with that change.
To this end, we are developing a three-track program of workshops, featured guests, keynote speakers and policy sessions to comprehensively cover the myriad issues and challenges facing Dealers now
and into the future.

Featured Speaker
Jared Hamilton

Creating opportunity from innovation, technology & engagement

Delegates who attended the 2015 AADA National Dealer Convention would be familiar with Jared Hamilton, the award-winning entrepreneur and technology leader who was so impressive and informative that we have invited him back to learn more from his expertise.

Mr Hamilton’s company,, has conducted extensive research into customer buying behaviour, and he shared his unique insights into the way the nature of customer service is changing.

Using a variety of methods including GPS tracking, surveys and face-to-face interviews, he discovered the means by which people prefer to buy. He used those findings to develop some of the most effective forms of customer service.

Most new car buyers conduct their research online, and Mr Hamilton insists that the automotive industry must adapt to the new technological age in which it finds itself. The majority of consumers say they would buy if the entire sales process were easier, so he urges Dealers to make their websites easy to use, clear, and full of information.

Mr Hamilton also encourages Dealers to focus on the quality of service, rather than closing the deal. More than 90 per cent of people choose a dealership based on the input of family and friends, so making sure the consumer has a positive and easy experience at the dealership is crucial in promoting new sales leads.

The power of social media

Mr Hamilton will detail how a customer’s choice of dealership is influenced by social media such as Facebook and Google reviews. He will explain why it is crucial for Dealers to invest in maintaining and promoting their online presence, and how powerful positive and negative reviews are in influencing how potential customers feel about buying from a dealership.

Mr Hamilton is a highly sought-after speaker, bringing proven real world applications to the ever-changing technology world. His presentation will cover the three-pillar approach to online success, including:

  • What are the 14 marketing channels Dealers have online to connect with customers?
  • What are the seven process points every Dealer must execute to maximise their closing rates?
  • What are the five organisational structures Dealers are using to organise their staff to scale online success?

We live in a new world and today’s generation engages with it in ways we never dreamed of. Don’t be left behind. Be sure to attend this must-see presentation and keep pace with the ever-increasing rate of change.

Convention Program

The 2017 AADA Convention and Expo program will present 15 workshops, three featured guests, three keynote speakers and an AADA policy session that will include the AADA AGM.

Workshop tracks

AADA will present a unique series of plenary sessions, round tables and dedicated workshops designed around a series of content tracks aimed at giving dealership personnel specific information and solutions in dealership categories.

Titled ‘Drive Train’, ‘Engine’ and ‘Fuel Cell’, delegates will be able to choose a series of sessions that best suits their specific needs.

It is such a crucial time for our industry, with rapid change in the way we operate, sell, service and market vehicles. Attending our workshop programs will best equip you and your staff to meet these challenges as we move forward.

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