How Partnering Ignites Your Aftermarket Profits

Partnerships with service providers and industry related businesses are about combining skill sets. They’re about sharing the load, having access to more resources and being stronger together than going solo.

So, how solid are your partnerships?

Having researched the top 20% highest performing dealerships around the country, it’s been clearly identified that commitment, investment and trust in both their brand franchise and in their strong, aligned partnerships is what’s delivering the highest returns.

Aftermarket profit partners can offer dealerships around the country complete aftermarket process advice and service – from extensive recruitment services and training programs, to superior products and performance management. These partnerships are designed to ensure that dealerships have the necessary resources to maximise their aftermarket profit potential.

So what differentiates the highest performing dealerships from the rest?

Research has found that the key aspects of success largely depend on the priority the dealership places on their aftermarket department and the internal support given to the Car Care Consultant. A dealership which appreciates that the Car Care Consultant is an additional profit centre (recruited to make money) and who integrates the Car Care Consultant as a part of a cohesive pre-delivery process, is likely to get the most out of their aftermarket department and see an increase in profits.

Day-to-day solutions that help many successful dealership managers, include access to a dedicated ‘Performance Manager’, who ensures that all employees are meeting KPIs and are growing their area of the business from month to month. Recruiting a dedicated and experienced Account Manager to provide ongoing support not only to the Car Care Consultant, but to the dealership management team is also beneficial.

Their primary function should be to regularly visit the dealership team on-site and to ensure that they’re delivering the best results. Monitoring and benchmarking Car Care Consultants ensures continual high performance and profitability from the dealership’s aftermarket department.
The benefit of working with your aftermarket ‘partner’ means you can take advantage of customised training programs to suit your dealership’s specific needs. What separates the highest performing dealerships from the rest is that they’re willing and open to having hard, constructive conversations with Account Managers on areas that are preventing aftermarket growth.

The financial objective for any business is to make a profit. In automotive specifically, ensuring that all departments work in unison is essential.

So think seriously, are you making the most of your aftermarket department?

Author: Greg Lewis

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