How Australian Dealers Can Make e-Commerce Their Secret Weapon

Take your after-market operations online to boost your sales and brand awareness.

A recent Google search for a new Mercedes-Benz part drew some surprising results. The majority of results listed were from aftermarket companies offering non-genuine parts, with only one genuine part listed on eBay — and it was from Germany!
With thousands of people searching online everyday for car parts or accessories, Australian Dealers are missing out.

Amongst a sea of non-approved, non-genuine parts, Australian Dealers would have a massive advantage in the online after-market scene.

As a Dealer, you have something that gives you an advantage over the current competition appearing online — your parts and accessories are genuine. Online purchases are built on trust, so by providing genuine manufacturer parts and accessories, you’re already a step ahead. Customers know that they’re getting quality when they purchase genuine parts, and by making them easily accessible online you’re helping to maintain a loyal relationship between you and your customer.

How can you get your inventory online?

It isn’t as difficult as it sounds. By taking advantage of an existing online marketplace such as eBay, your inventory can be available 24/7.

Currently on eBay:

  • A car part and accessory item is sold every 4 seconds
  • 83% of all parts and accessories sales are for new products
  • 7.3 million unique visitors view the site in an average month
  • ‘Parts and accessories’ is one of the fastest growing categories

eBay is one of Australia’s largest online marketplaces, and is an obvious first step when seeking to advertise your parts, accessories and merchandise online. Solutions are now available that connect with your Dealer Management System (DMS) allowing you to upload your inventory onto eBay, making it easy for you to start selling.

Listing your parts and accessories online has many benefits, besides increasing sales.

Advertising your inventory online can also:

  • Provide national exposure for your dealership — if you include your dealership’s branding on your eBay store
  • Improve your search relevance — Google is able to index your inventory, helping you appear in more search results
  • Increase visits to your service department — if you offer to fit the part for customers

The automotive industry has technology at its fingertips to trump the non-genuine market and now is the time for Australian Dealers to clawback their market share.

Chris Vening

Dealer Solutions

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