History Repeating Itself

After almost 40 years, the AADA is now more in line with its original goals and objectives than ever.

A position statement from the AADA, when it was previously referred to as the Australian Automobile Dealers Association has surfaced and reveals some fascinating insights.
The document, which details the AADA’s position on relations between factory, Dealers and state organisations, is dated February 1975, seven years after the AADA was first founded in 1968.
Amongst the document’s pages are statements of objectives and goals very much in line with the revitalised AADA today.
One significant objective devised by the Dealer councils and groups at the time relates to communication and transparency. It states that the objective of the Association should be to promote an open dialogue and transparency between stakeholders. It states its goal to:

‘Foster harmonious, co-operative and profitable relations between the dealer body, distributors and manufacturers, and to encourage the highest ethical standards by providing an effective means of communication for the exchange of ideas.’

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves… although technically, we did say it, didn’t we?

Other objectives stated in the document include promoting discussion surrounding all issues affecting the industry as well as maintaining contact with the Legislature of the Commonwealth of Australia.
Through our latest initiatives, such as the creation of this very publication, along with lobbying the government in regards to policy, the reinvigorated AADA clearly shares in the vision of its founders.
Indeed, the original goals and purpose of the AADA are now more vigorous than ever and will no doubt grow in strength in years to come.

To see the full 1975 AADA Position Statement document, head to aada.asn.au

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