Have Your Say: Workplace Relations Framework Inquiry

The Productivity Commission will undertake an inquiry into the workplace relations framework including the Fair Work Act 2009 with a final report to be provided to the Government in November 2015.

An overriding principle for any recommendation is the need to ensure that Australia remains competitive in a global economy. It is an opportunity to identify future options and structural changes to ensure workers are protected and for businesses to be able to grow, prosper and employ.

The review will assess the impact of the workplace relations framework on matters including:

  • Unemployment, underemployment and job creation
  • Fair and equitable pay conditions for employees, including the maintenance of a relevant safety net
  • Small businesses
  • Productivity, competitiveness and business investment
  • The ability of business and the labour market to respond appropriately to changing economic conditions
  • Patterns of engagement in the labour market
  • The ability for employers to flexibly manage and engage with their employees
  • Barriers to bargaining
  • Red tape and compliance burdens for employers
  • Industrial conflict and days lost due to industrial action
  • Appropriate scope for independent contracting

The Commission will undertake an appropriate public consultation process, including holding hearings, inviting public submissions and releasing a draft report to the public.

Many commentators have identified severe flaws in Australia’s workplace relations framework, but a useful question for Dealers and participants is whether the current system is well-suited to contemporary (and evolving) workplace needs for Australia in an increasingly globalised economy.

The Commission welcomes brief comments from people who want to share their experiences or views on any topics covered by the inquiry, but do not wish to make a public formal submission.

These submissions are not considered public by default unless express permission is given to the Commission.

To find out more about the inquiry, how it affects you or how to make a confidential submission visit: www.pc.gov.au/inquiries/current/workplace-relations.

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