George Dans – The World’s Greatest Closer

If there’s one man who knows how to survive and thrive in sales it’s George Dans. This international star was a big draw card on Monday night at the convention, and there were more than a few dealers that were excited to hear Dans secrets to closing the deal.

His philosophy is simple – leadership creates sales.

While creating an environment of strong leadership in your dealership is a given, Dans emphasized the importance of building a team of strong performers and people who can close that sale. Without that, your dealership will be operating under a handicap.

You’ve heard the expression nothing happens until you close the sale – well now that’s no longer a problem.

Dans showed us how to create this strong team of closers through creating a compelling vision, recruiting with a game plan and learning how to motivate different personalities.

With a proven track record in boosting dealership operations, Dans tips and techniques were a popular and invaluable part of the 2015 AADA Dealership Convention.

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