Genuine Is Best

The FCAI has launched a new website to make drivers more aware about genuine parts and why they should be the first choice for fitment is the new online resource for educating motorists about genuine parts.
Developed and unveiled by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), the user-friendly website may incorporate bright colours and comical cartoons – but its message is serious.

‘The Genuine Is Best website equips Australians with the information they need to help ensure they have genuine parts fitted to their car so that it drives, functions and protects them exactly the way it was intended to by the car maker,’ explains Tony Weber, FCAI chief executive.

A quick look through the website reveals a number of helpful resources for motorists. There are simple definitions explaining the difference between genuine, non-genuine, parallel, counterfeit, salvaged and aftermarket parts, as well as a simple six-point checklist for avoiding those that are not approved by manufacturers.

The website also includes handy tips for choosing the right insurer as well as a library of videos from different manufacturers demonstrating the lengths they go to when developing and testing new cars and motorcycles.
AADA welcomes and commends FCAI’s initiative in generating awareness through

Automotive Dealer has extensively covered the perils of installing substandard parts, including the lack of guarantee from some insurers about how they notify drivers when using non-genuine parts in repairs.

Indeed, greater public awareness and education surrounding this issue will be key to ensuring more drivers choose parts that keep their cars safe and running smoothly.

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