Five Cities, One Message – AADA Town Hall Meetings A Success

It’s unanimous – Dealers across Australia have been waiting for a new AADA.

As part of its plan to reinvigorate Dealer interest and share its new vision, the AADA recently toured five Australian cities with excellent results.

Lead by the AADA’s new Chairman Ian Field, CEO Patrick Tessier and Policy Director Michael Deed, the group discussed hot topics which currently threaten dealership operations as well as the new structure of the AADA and its future plans.

The events starting in Perth on March 24 were hosted by former 60 Minutes journalist Ian Leslie and eventually made their way to Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

In every city visited, the key messages received by the panel were the same.

Australia’s Dealer Principals and senior dealership staff expressed concern about the changing landscape of the new car industry and how these changes have not been accounted for in their franchise agreements. There was also unrest about government policies like the Luxury Car Tax as well as a general feeling of uncertainty about the future.

Despite these concerns however, what was most clear was the positive response from Dealers surrounding the newly formed AADA.

Many attendees who have previously felt their interests were underrepresented are now excited about an Association ran by Dealers, for Dealers. Many participants expressed their interest in attending this year’s AADA National Dealer Convention in July and becoming more actively involved in AADA news and events.

Overall, the town hall meetings highlighted the general desire of Dealers to move forward as a united industry and combat issues as one Association.

The newly formed AADA it seems, has arrived just in time.

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