Faster Quotes is used by Penfold Motors Melbourne, who are extremely impressed by its fast and efficient method of preparing accurate parts quotations, which has helped push the Parts side of their business up to the next level.

Parts Dealers – listen up! Some spare parts departments have let us in on a nifty little secret that has been instrumental to their Parts departments being some of the most efficiently run in Australia – utilising Faster Quotes.’

The new Faster Quotes system allows you to prepare accurate parts quotations, track the quantity and value of quotes, and see which quotes are then converted into sales.
The most important function of the Faster Quotes system is the reporting element. A quick search of monthly parts sales in your franchise will show you what products sell the most and how often, which is invaluable for managing stock effectively.

Dealerships that give their customers access to produce their own quote free up the phone lines. Not as many spare parts personnel are required to man the phones, and Parts departments have more time to efficiently run the Parts side of the business.

The Faster Quotes system also allows you to upload documents, such as PDF files or images, and attach them to specific part numbers, providing you with tailored information and key points when quoting.

Plus the system’s flexibility is also a great benefit, with the ability to control who has access to your Faster Quotes account and users. It allows you to invite your loyal customer base to access your Faster Quotes system even after hours, when customers have more free time to create and submit estimates for their work providers.

On top of all that there’s no head-scratching required, as it is a straight-to-the-point and simple-to-use parts quotation system, designed as a professional tool for new OEM parts management to provide parts personnel fast quotations for ‘request for parts’ enquiries.

Faster Quotes is an Australian-owned and, more importantly, created for Australian OEM new spare parts operations, addressing the requirements of the Spare Parts divisions of Australian dealerships.

Faster quotes helps improve dealership productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction.

For further information contact Chris Lockhart
at or on 0417 112 429.

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