Anyone who has been to an AADA Convention will appreciate what a wealth of information they provide. You can’t help but come away more informed, with a greater understanding of the issues facing our industry and the many potential solutions to those challenges.

We know Dealers would love to send all their staff because there is so much to learn; however, we understand that is not always cost-effective.

So now, in an exciting new initiative, AADA is introducing a free Expo Open Day to more fully share the knowledge, technology and products developed to drive success in the modern automotive dealership.

Dealers, managers, staff, allied industry professionals and anyone else associated with the retail automotive industry are sure to take plenty from this free opportunity to visit the 2019 Expo.

This is ideal for middle managers to come and see exactly how much innovation is happening in our industry, familiarise themselves with new products and technology, and acquaint themselves with those people and companies providing new and improved services.

It is a great way for those who might otherwise not get the chance to attend an AADA Convention to gain an understanding of what goes on, and absorb some of the knowledge that is shared so generously. They will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with leaders of our industry and take home real, practical solutions and a greater understanding of the bigger picture of the retail automotive game.

The Expo is always the hub of activity at any AADA Convention, with displays, demonstrations and explanations of new and innovative products, services and technology, specifically designed to improve the operations and bottom line of dealerships and their various departments. Be sure to register to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.


The Expo Open Day is a free event, but attendees are required to register. To do so, visit the website: aadaconvention.com.au
Date: Monday 9 September 2019
Time: 1.30pm – 7.30pm

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