Dealers will understand how valuable it is to their business to receive positive reviews from their customers. An opportunity to increase the number of reviews you receive by 500 per cent should be too good to pass up.

Reviews are hard to get. Most people don’t go to the effort of posting a review unless it is a negative one about which they feel particularly strongly.

Just eight per cent of new car buyers post a review of their experience. So if there were a way to grow that to over 40 per cent, you’d be all over it, right?

If you don’t know about Snap21, you need to inform yourself. It is the only reputation management tool in Australia specifically designed for the automotive Dealer. It also doubles as a highly-effective social media tool.

The number one reason customers don’t leave reviews is that they’re not asked to. The beauty of Snap21 is that it doesn’t feel like you’re soliciting reviews – you’re providing your customers with a photograph of them with their new car.

With Snap21, more than 40 per cent of customers post a review. Of that 40 per cent, one-third share their photo and review on their personal social media. That is the kind of organic referral you can’t buy – except you can!

Instead of spending thousands of dollars per month chasing such great publicity, Snap21 costs you a fraction of that and provides hundreds of positive reviews every day. Snap21 lets you target review websites such as Google+, Facebook and more. You will also receive review alerts notifying you every time someone posts a review about you.

Snap21’s reporting features let you see exactly how your team is performing. You’ll also receive a monthly overview report detailing how your team is doing.

Positive reviews also result in an improvement in your factory CSI rating, and consequently, reward.

If you’re not using Snap21, you’re missing out.

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