Crenno Signs Off

It is with regret and great sadness that we announce the cessation of the ‘Crenno’s Corner’ column, written by industry veteran John Crennan.

John has been providing Automotive Dealer Magazine with quality content for about five years, informing and regaling us all with tales from his unmatched experience in the Australian motor vehicle industry.

John spent decades working in various roles at General Motors Holden, following in the footsteps of his father, who worked for the company for 43 years. On leaving Holden, John took up the challenge to launch and successfully run Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) and the Holden Racing Team (HRT) with UK entrepreneur and racing car driver Tom Walkinshaw. After achieving that successfully, he retired, only to return as CEO of Nissan Motorsport.

For the past five years, John has shared his forthright views on the state of the Australian motor vehicle industry with our readers, in particular his thoughts on motor sport, namely the V8 Supercars competition, as well as many tales from his decades in the business that have entertained and enlightened our readers.

“Lockdown creates different strokes for different folks. One of my new ideas is to ‘empty out’ some of the stuff I have been doing and introduce some new and fresh projects into my life,” John said.

“I have greatly enjoyed the ability to express my ideas and opinions on various aspects of the auto and motor sport Industries.”

We have enjoyed it too, John. Immensely. Good luck in your future endeavours and thank you for your enormous contribution to not just this publication, but the Australian motor vehicle industry in general.

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