In a profound shift for our industry, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transition to digital vehicle sales and heightened the importance of effective virtual showrooms. In this not-to-be-missed keynote research presentation on the behaviour of car buyers, Autotrader and Gumtree Cars will share the results of an in-depth Digital Influence Study into new and used vehicle shoppers and recent vehicle purchasers.

Conducted in September 2020, the new survey will deliver the latest insights into consumer needs and behaviours across online marketplaces, empowering Dealers to optimise their approach and increase sales following six-months of COVID-19 restrictions. Richard Dicello, Dealer Sales Director, Autotrader and Gumtree Cars, and Denis Hancock, VP Strategy, BrandSpark International, will present the findings of the research designed to identify and contrast new, demo and used car buyers – showcasing a complete overview of the car buyer universe.

Building on the Autotrader ‘Connect’ and Gumtree Cars ‘Connecting the Disconnected’ Research in 2019, Autotrader and Gumtree Cars together commissioned third-party global research agency BrandSpark to undertake a new local market research study to better understand the Australian car buyer. The survey canvassed an Australian national panel to ensure the responses were unbiased and representative of the Australian national car buying audience.

The research focused on the consumer car shopping journey, including the role of digital marketplaces on influencing auto intender research, consideration, and the facilitation of new connections between car buyers and dealerships.

This is a must-attend presentation where Dealer delegates will learn:

  • The role third-party sites play in guiding the auto intender purchase journey, and how Dealers can best position themselves for success;
  • How open platform classified sites shape auto intenders’ behaviours and attitudes, including practical merchandising tips and best practice examples for Dealers;
  • Which consumer behaviours and attitudes have changed due to COVID-19, and what dealership staff can do operationally to manage these changes.

Preliminary findings from the research include:

  • Australia’s economic outlook has not greatly impacted car purchase consideration among consumers, with most intenders still actively looking to buy;
  • Where COVID-19 has impacted the vehicle shopping process, the most common result has been a delay in purchase timing;
  • COVID-19 has brought forward a new segment of shoppers who are seeking a vehicle specifically because of the pandemic.

Don’t miss this pivotal presentation from our Principal Sponsor. You’ll walk away with practical insights and knowledge on how to connect with car buyers in 2020 and beyond. The future success of your business and team could depend on it.

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