Clever Communication Gets More Sales

There’s an art to selling cars online and it all begins with effective communication. After many years in the industry, I’ve learned that there’s a science too, and both must be used to sell more appointments and ultimately more cars. This is the sequence to follow for success:

Sell the reply

Achieving a high connection rate is crucial when you’re interacting with prospective customers by email, phone, text or chat. Here, you’ve got to sell the reply. For example, one script that works very well when replying via voicemail is simply, ‘I’ve just checked on the vehicle you asked about and have gathered all the information you wanted to know. I’ve got it right next to me so when you’re able to talk by phone I can provide it right away.’  The key is to leave a voicemail that gets a call back.
In email replies ask basic questions to get customers engaged. Questions like what car your lead drives and if they’ve ever owned your brand is all it takes – just don’t forget to use question marks.

Sell the call

In studies we’ve conducted we rarely see a vehicle sold to an internet prospect without first having a phone conversation. In fact, all your emails, phone messages and texts need to sell the benefit of a phone call. Approach the task by underplaying the time and commitment needed to speak on the phone. A simple message like ‘I have the information you asked about and can go over it in just a couple of minutes by phone’ is often very effective.

Sell the visit

The dealership is where all the magic happens and you will want to develop a few lines you can emphasise to your customer that demonstrates the value of a visit to your business. Entice customers to visit by selling the experience they’ll have. Mention that you’ll have the car they want to test drive ready to go and that they can bring their own music, open the sunroof and cruise to their favourite spots. You’ll have more success if you inspire the customer to test drive your cars.

Sell the car

What’s great about completing all the mentioned steps is how easy it is to sell the car when your lead arrives. I am not a big fan of pre-selling vehicles before they arrive because so many buyers change their mind.  Instead, let the buyer arrive with a flexible mindset so that they’re open to other choices if the first one doesn’t work. It is important to remember that you have to set the stage for a proper visit. I like appointment boards because they prove to the customer that they are special. I also particularly like when the vehicle is pulled up front with a placard that has the customer’s name on it. Sales Managers who are aware of the appointment can also acknowledge the customer personally, for example saying, ‘David tells me you have owned five Toyotas.’

Whatever you do, make the customer feel like they have arrived at the right place and remember, sell the reply, the call, the visit and ultimately, the car!

Author: David Kain
Internet Sales Trainer

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