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Autotub Vehicle Washing Systems
The only Australian, Family owned and operated, Designed, Manufactured, and supplied vehicle wash systems supporting the Australian Dealership industry for over two decades
Glass’s Information Services
Does your company depend on quality automotive information? Glass’s Research Data is a comprehensive database of Australian vehicle prices and specifications that can be tailored to work with your DMS system.
Shell Helix
Shell Helix is a high quality engine lubricant for almost every application in the Australian automotive sector, supplied by Viva Energy Australia, the exclusive Shell Licensee in Australia.
WashTec is the world's leading provider of innovative vehicle wash solutions and the top choice for car dealerships nationwide.
What Scratch?
What Scratch? uses an environmentally friendly and patented Sprayless Scratch Repair system to repair all minor paint defects, most often achieving an undetectable result.
GForces is a leading supplier of ecommerce and digital technologies to the automotive industry, delivering omnichannel consumer experiences that seamlessly integrate online and offline touchpoints.