Jared Hamilton, the award-winning entrepreneur and technology leader, was such a hot ticket at the 2015 and 2017 AADA National Dealer Conventions that we have invited him back to conduct this must-see session.

Having shared his insights into the habits and preferences of buyers, and the impact of social media, in his previous AADA presentations, Mr Hamilton has now turned his extensive research skills to the issue of employees, focusing on the needs, wants and aspirations of Millennials and Generation Z.

Millennial and Generation Z employees are a significant part of our workforce, yet their employment values do not match the values most sales managers believe they need to provide. Jared will address this gap and give all attendees the process and competencies to build a high performing workforce of the Millennial and Generation Z demographic.

Jared will teach you and your managers to construct an attractive sales career path that provides specific value to this demographic to recruit and retain them. Through data collected by his company, DrivingSales, he will demonstrate what training to provide the employees at each level in their career path, which daily/weekly and monthly habits must be mastered to progress, and which performance quotas should be obtained at each time frame to keep your employees performing and growing.

If you want to recruit the right talent and build a team of high-performing Millennial and Generation Zs, don’t miss this essential feature presentation. Stay tuned on our website for schedule and registration updates.

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