Australian Dealers Have Heard The Call

AADA membership continues to grow as more Dealers and dealership staff see the benefits of joining their new and strengthened Association.

The AADA is well on its way to achieving its membership target by the end of 2014, with the number of members growing every week.

Earlier this year, a panel representing the AADA toured five Australian cities, where they explained the new Association’s vision and plans for change. The panel also fielded feedback from attendees, all of whom overwhelmingly expressed excitement about an Association run by Dealers, for Dealers.

Since the tour, momentum has not slowed, and Dealer interest in AADA membership continues to buzz, especially as they become more aware of industry threats such as the exit of Australian manufacturing, Luxury Car Tax changes and more.

The AADA is dedicated to addressing issues such as these and fighting for better operating conditions for Dealers.

However, the benefit of AADA membership stretches far beyond representation alone. Dealer members also enjoy access to the latest industry news, business opportunities, networking events as well as exclusive member-only offers on a range of AADA services.

The AADA has plans for an even greater range of membership benefits in the works; however central to this will be growing member numbers. Indeed, the more members the Association has, the greater range of services it can (and will) offer.

So join your colleagues (and competitors) and don’t risk being left behind in this great movement towards better Dealer representation.

Membership fees are just $265 per franchise agreement and you can join either online at or by contacting (03) 9576 9944.

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