Australian Dealer Survey: We Want You!

AADA is preparing a nation-wide Dealer Attitude Survey that will uncover important information about the mood of our industry.

Australia’s franchised automotive dealers are being invited to participate in a nation-wide survey that will ask important questions about the value Dealers see in their franchises, both now and into the future.

The survey, to be conducted online, will be officially launched in April.

‘All of AADA’s members are invited and encouraged to participate,’ said AADA CEO Patrick Tessier.

‘With so much change taking place in Australia’s automotive landscape, there’s arguably never been a more important time to gauge how auto dealers are feeling about their franchises and what they’re expecting in the future.’

The survey will be modelled on the successful National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) survey, which not only examines how Dealers view the major issues currently affecting their industry, but also compares how attitudes have changed over time.
In the AADA survey, Dealers will be asked to respond to a number of questions covering significant aspects of their business relationship with their manufacturer. Questions will cover topics from daily Dealer-manufacturer cooperation, to current and future profitability. Questions about marketing, including digital and social media will also be included.

Dealer’s responses will be recorded using a numerical scale, with ‘10’ representing the highest score possible.
According to NFDA business development leader Louise Wallis, many of the results obtained are viewed as ‘the main barometer of Dealer opinions regarding car manufacturers.’

‘The top performing franchises are very much seen as the franchises to hold and aspire to… [and] significant movements in the score[s] will reflect the relative changing fortunes of a particular franchise and any major events that may have caused them.’
What AADA hopes Australian Dealers will gain most from participation in the survey is the opportunity to get ‘the big picture’.
‘It’s a chance for franchised auto dealers to gain a balanced opinion on a whole range of issues that are also impacting their colleagues and competitors’ said Patrick Tessier.

Further details of the AADA Dealer Attitude survey will be released closer to the launch date and survey results will be revealed at the 2015 AADA National Dealer Convention in August.

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